Do you want to die laughing?

April 11, 2014

Then read Ciment’s Another America. It’s about Liberia’s founding.

TNB and Chimpouts! Yee-haw!

Niggers are total failures: can’t be made up!

April 6, 2014

All 25,000 college applicant fail I gain entry into University of Liberia: here.

Damn girl, you sho iz fine nshit!

January 3, 2014

My bottom is 7ft wide and I’m proud of it!’ Woman with backside so large she once broke a toilet and can’t fit through doors says she hopes to inspire larger ladies

Bitch, why you cooch gotta be stinkin nshit?!

December 3, 2013

Nappyheaded ho!
The inimitable TJ Sotomayor!

Nigger Achievement: Rimming

December 3, 2013


At least somebodies be keepin it real nshit!

December 3, 2013

This Angolan Lady Walks Around London Campaigning to Save Blonde People

Another nigger accomplishment

November 7, 2013

Western Black Rhino declared extinct

Keepin it real, yet again!

September 16, 2013

Whip his ass, yo!

Shut up already, nigger, we get the point!

August 2, 2013

Aw, shit, yo!

July 31, 2013

Eat da poo poo, yo! Eat dat shit, foh ah bust you upside yo nappy-ass head, nigga!


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